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A rapidly growing category

Boutique and artisanal spirits are exploding in today’s industry. Just as the market for craft beers boomed a decade ago, we are beginning to see the same renaissance for vibrant and innovative small-batch spirits. Merrimack has recently created a specialty spirits sales division with resources dedicated to the growth of this segment. We are always interested in hearing from high quality micro-distilleries.

“Importantly, overall spirits retail revenue growth (the combined dollar total of off- and on-premise sales) also increased in 2013, by a healthy 4.2% to $75.82 billion, a gain of more than $3 billion over 2012. The higher percentage gain in spirits revenue (versus spirits sales volume) underlines the ongoing trend of recent years: the dynamic sales activity among premium-priced and above-premium-priced spirits products.” source:

Your sales rep for this new division


Merrimack Valley has created a sales division to capitalize on the recent dynamic trends of the craft and boutique liquors. Overseen by fourth-generation family member Jennifer Tatelman, this cutting-edge division is poised to shape the next movement in craft spirits. As this niche continues to grow so will our resources to further develop this emerging market within our territory.





Bootlegger Gin

City of London


Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur

Molly’s Irish Cream


El Dorado Aged Demerran

Hispaniola Mamajuana

Kalembu Mamajuana

Macorix Aqua de Coco, Dominican Republic

Old Ipswich Turkey Shore Distilleries

Spiced Booty Rum

Scotch Whiskey

Bank Note 5 Year Scotch

Scotch Single Malt

Amrut Single Malt



Tequila and Mezcal


Campo Azul Tequila


Don Fulano

El Capitain

Fidencio Mezxal

Fortaleza Tequila

Zapopan 100% Puro


Crater Lake Spirits

Czar Vodka

Georgi Flavored Vodka

Ice Pik Vodka


Crater Lake Spirits

Mac Albert Whiskey

Taconic Distillery


Bianchi Vineyards

Cribari Dessert Wines

Delicato Family Vineyards

La Paz Gold Agave Wine

ManCan Wine

Senior Sangria

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