Environmental Awareness

An enterprise-wide commitment

At Merrimack Valley Distributing Company, we take our commitment to protecting the environment very seriously, implementing a range of recycling and reclaiming programs throughout the year.

Projects such as recycling plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass, office supplies, electronics and petroleum products all are aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment today, and more importantly at building our long term vision of being a zero-landfill facility.

recycled electronics in bin

Electronics Recycling Program

Through an association with Northeast Material Handling, Merrimack Valley has an on-site bin for all electronic devices. This program is also offered to employees for their home electronics, appliances, and motorized equipment. To date we have recycled over 20 pallets of items including batteries, computer components, telephones, home appliances and telephone cabling.

"In testing installation of APUs (Alternative Power Units) in our fleet vehicles,
we saw a 41% increase in MPG efficiency. We are now in the process of
installing them across our fleet."

— Richard Tatelman

    MVDC President

Printer Toner Recycling Program

Through HP and Staples, Merrimack Valley collects and recycles all of its toner cartridges, toner collection units, fuser units, and drums through either the corporate return program or through our local Staples retailer. Want to start doing the same at your company? Just ask — we'll put you in touch with our contacts at these corporations.

To become more energy efficient in our building, we have:

• Replaced all dock doors with High Energy Insulated Doors
• Installed high-speed roll up doors on all coolers
• Replaced high bay sodium lights to more efficient T-8s that are motion sensitive
• In process of replacing all incandescent lights on forklifts and dock doors to LED lights as bulbs need replacement
• Heating and air-conditioning settings in office areas  are managed to be reduced during night and weekend hours
• Replaced forklifts with AC units that are more energy efficient
• Installed pick rows to reduce travel time in the warehouse, which has reduced the frequency of battery recharging.
• Installed large ceiling fans in warehouse to reduction total heating and cooling energy needs

To become more energy efficient in our fleet, we have:

• Implemented zone delivery to reduce total millage of our trucks
• Tested installation of APUs (Alternative Power Unit) to increase mileage efficiency which resulted in a 41% increase in miles per gallon. We are in the process of installing APUs across our fleet.

Throughout the building  we  recycle light bulbs, ballasts, plastics,
cardboard and paper.

In our garage and fork lift service area we recycle all metals, waste oil, antifreeze, Freon, parts cleaning solution, tires and batteries.

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we:

• E-mail statements to as many of our customers as will accept them

• Use electronic communication as much as possible to reduce copies, i.e. VIP Edgarizing reports, scanning documents for distribution.

• Post reminders in the copy room to go from single side to double sided.

• Set up new printers to print double sided

• Established policy about minimum miles per gallon for newly acquired vehicles; the most recent car acquired for a manger is a hybrid vehicle, and we expect to continue this practice

• All cups used for sampling and tasting are corn-based (biodegradable)

Non-returnable pallets are handled in one of three ways:

• We donate one-way pallets to IMEC America, a non-profit that sends medical supplies to Third World countries

• Heineken one-way pallets are picked up by a company that uses them for palletizing there freight

• Remaining pallets are sent to a company that takes damaged, non-returnable pallets and rebuilds specialty pallets for resale