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Massachusetts Beverage Alliance

In May 2011 Merrimack Valley Distributing created an alliance with four other Massachusetts distributors with the goal of developing a new company that would become the ambassador for the emerging craft and specialty brands market.

The first distributor alliance in the U.S. to form a separate LLC, the MBA constitutes five partners united to provide comprehensive sales and marketing support, deep industry knowledge and expertise, and direct distribution to every account in Massachusetts.

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Keg 1 LLC

Merrimack Valley Distributing Company Inc., is proud to be a member of the Keg1LLC distribution network.

Originally established by Coors Brewing Company back in 2000 as a way for like-minded, forward thinking distributors to share best practices and go-to-market strategies, it soon evolved into an acquisition group among the nine original partners: Superior Beverage Group, I.H. Caffey Distributing Co., C.J. Decresente, Faust Distributing Co., Houston Distributing Co., North Coast Distributing, Gulf Distributing Holdings, Rhode Island Distributing and Merrimack Valley Distributing Company Inc.

As MVDC company President Richard Tatelman stated, “Keg 1 is a ‘Black Swan' — a potential game-changing approach to wholesaler consolidation based on mutual respect, trust and financial capacity of our members and the partners we bring in.”

Collectively the group represents over 100 million cases of Malt beverage products and 200+ years of industry experience in Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Indiana , New York, Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts and the Florida Pan Handle.

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