Meet The Team

The Sales and Marketing team of Merrimack Valley Distributing Company Inc. reports to Director of Sales and Marketing John Scully. The team is made up of several distinct sales and support divisions dedicated to providing a high level of customer service, and is organized to maximize retail execution.

Kelly LaRosa photo

Craft and Specialty Import Brand Ambassadors

The Craft and Specialty Import Division specifically focuses on our portfolio of unique crafts and specialty brands as well as being part of the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance. It is managed by Cicerone Certified Kelly LaRosa and reporting to her is one Cicerone Certified and one Cicerone Server trained sales representatives. As ambassadors for our craft and specialty brands, this division concentrates on hand selling distribution, visibility, consumer tastings and retailer educational experience and is poised to handle the craft revolution presently exploding in the market.

Brand ambassador Kelly LaRosa is a Certified Cicerone ®.

Dedicated Off and On Premise Sales Department


The core of Merrimack Valley's business is our On- and Off-Premise Sales Division. There are four units in this division each staffed by a veteran sales manager. Clockwise from top left are: Bill Cielakie, Scott Brown, Tim Raesly, and Paul Galante. Each unit has four sales representatives and all are dedicated to the success of their individual team and the overall success of the company. While sales routes are predominately focused on specific trade channels, they have been laid out to minimize “windshield” time and geographic overlaps. Of the 16 routes in this division, five are predominately off-premise, five are on-premise and six are hybrid models servicing in most cases our mid-size and smaller retail customers. Our commitment in these dedicated routes especially the off-premise is to sell three days and merchandise two days. Supporting this division are eight shared merchandisers whose primary responsibility is to drive display merchandising execution at the retail level and provide customer service as needed.

Sales Division

The Tell-Sell unit is staffed with one internal sales representative servicing over 200 accounts, the majority of which are on-Premise and in total represents less than 2% of our overall volume. Each year, the account base is reviewed for identifying increased volume potential, draft opportunity and needs of the store.

Dan Desmond

Draft Consultant and
Service Department

Draft beer plays a critical role to the success of the on-premise business and we have committed the resources to support the accounts who include draft in their list of malt and cider beverage offerings.

Dan Desmond has more than ten years in the field and consults on a daily basis with retailers who are looking to install or expand their draft presence. Additionally Merrimack Valley responds to customers' draft needs in a timely manner as well as troubleshooting training to our sales divisions.

Category Management Department

Don Danjou

Though we presently sell in a predominately non-chain market with the majority of the Off-Premise accounts being independently owned, Category Management within the cold box and the warm shelves is an important shopping zone for the consumer.

In order to remain competitive, Merrimack Valley has one dedicated individual, Don Danjou, a 26 year veteran whose primary responsibility is to design and execute plan-a-grams weekly individually and with the help of the sales force.